Using Mobile App

Winner+ SOM App can be accessed online from any location on any device of any size with any operating system through any browser. Use this app for making interactions on the go. But for better result try Winner+ Desktop Software along with online app. Check the details given below for demo.

Password: demo

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How to register?

Click on the link

Online Registration

Fill in the form above and click Register button to create your Online Account.

How to use app?

After successful registration log-in into the app.

Online App

Enter your registered Email Address & Password and click on login button.

You will get the following screen depending on the size of your device.

Device I: Screen size smaller that 7 inch

Smaller Device

Either use any button on Dashboard or click on Dashboard Menu for viewing all options available in the list.

Use Account menu to change profile or log-out.

Device II: Screen size of 7 inch or larger

Bigger Device

Entire Dashboard and all menus are visible on screen.

How to make entry?

Click on Contacts button and then select Add Contact.

Contacts Entry

To set new call or meeting or update any contact details click on Edit Contacts button.

After entering available information click on Save Contact button.

Save Contacts

How to sync contacts?

Whatever entry/updation done in online app will be reflected in Windows Desktop software.

Desktop Software

Click on the link to download Windows software on your Desktop/Laptop.

After downloading & installation enter your registered email address and password in Online Account form.

Online Account

Open your file and Sync contacts when prompted for it.

All contacts entered in mobile/online app will be available in your desktop software and vice versa.